CityHop is a discovery platform that helps you find London’s finest places and businesses.

You can contact the businesses through means which they’ve provided, or alternatively pay a visit to their location and see what all the fuss is about.

Who we are:

CityHop is a startup based in Shoreditch, London. Our mission is to build a rich and user-friendly service centred around great businesses and an honest community of users.

We welcome your suggestions regarding which businesses and places merit being listed on the site, because ultimately our aim is to capture, organise, and act upon your feedback to create an in-depth catalogue of the best places in London. You can write to us at

We also welcome any feedback about the platform itself, as this is the very first iteration of the service so the initial feedback we receive is very important to us. Everyday listings are being added and we aim to move into other cities soon, but right now we’d really like to focus on London.

If you are the business owner of a listing on CityHop then please contact us to take control of the listing. You will be able to edit the listing whenever you like and also take advantage of features such as offering exclusive deals to CityHop users. The service is completely free. Find out more