Workplace by Facebook

Enterprise social networking & communication platform


Workplace by Facebook is an enterprise social networking platform that enables companies to collaborate and communicate instantly and while on the move. The application shares the familiar Facebook aesthetic and offers its recognizable features but is designed to operate completely separately and securely from any personal Facebook account.


Whilst users can create groups for inhouse communication, outside collaboration is also possible with the application’s multi-company groups feature. Instantaneous and relevant updates are presented on a personalized News Feed and further to group conversations, users have the option to IM via Work Chat or make live voice and video calls. Workplace by Facebook also has search capabilities with which users can search groups to locate past posts or files.


Workplace by Facebook aims to improve the overall communicative and collaborative experience of users at work. Features such as groups, multi-company groups alongside Work Chat and live video calls are designed to give users instant contact and offer a safe space to generate discussion and share ideas.

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