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Slidebean is a presentation software that aims on making the process of slide creation an easy and quick thing to do. The application allows users to keep their focus on the content of their slides and not have to worry too much about the design, choosing instead from lots of pre-built templates, colors, fonts and more.

Slidebean is an ideal tool for startups, small businesses, consultants, and academics (teachers/students).

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  1. Helped us raise our Series B

    We thought Prezi was the only solution, we were wrong! We’ve also tried out Canva and a few other solutions – Slidebean wins every time. The templates, the content, the fonts, it’s all there, and more. We used it for our pitch deck when we were raising our Series B, and all I can say is that I think we would have raised our Series A a whole lot quicker and easier if we had used it then!

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