Know how your customers interact with your sales material


Attach turns documents into powerful business tools, giving you insights into your customers and users.

Attach tells you:
• Who reads your documents
• When someone reads a document
• When they share a document
• What pages they read
• When they download a document

Use Attach as a:
• Content Hub – share materials on your website and see when someone reads it and who they are when sending emails
• Gmail extension and email alerts when someone reads a document Internally with sales and marketing teams
•  To reach out to users – open alerts tell you when someone opens a document

Attach can become an even more valuable tool when used in conjunction with Proposify.

2 reviews

  1. Great insights

    Really smart tool – shows us exactly how our customers interact with email attachments. This app should definitely be in your email marketing stack, but it can also be used for your Whitepapers etc, would recommend.

  2. Great data, great tool, and great team

    Absolutely love Attach! We did some extensive research before going with them (looking at proposify, pandadocs, etc.), and Attach was the best by far. So simple to use and none of the unnecessary clutter that many other software have.

    The real time analytics blew our minds. It really gave us detailed insight on what was happening with our documents once we sent them over to clients, partners, etc. It helped us not only in our biz dev cycles, but also helped us figure out what materials were most valuable and interesting to our audience.

    The Attach team is also so helpful. They have exceptional customer service and really listen to their users. Highly recommend!

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